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Two Months after the death of the IAAC Head


 It is now two months since the death of B. Dangaasuren the head of the Mongolian Independent Agency against Corruption (IAAC) in Sydney Australia. Dangaasuren was attending the Australian Public Sector Anti Corruption Conference. He was the head of a 7 member Mongolian delegation.

There has still been no clarification of his death by the Australian or Mongolian authorities.USAID, the Asia Foundation (TAF) and World Bank financed the travel of four IAAC staff to accompany Dangaasuren under the MACS, Mongolian Anti Corruption Support scheme. These IAAC staff members are currently facing legal petition by Dangaasuren’s family and are under suspicion of being involved in Dangaasuren’s death.

Hiding behind Diplomatic Immunity?

Diplomatic sources in Ulaanbaatar say that diplomatic immunity applies to the death of Dangaasuren and that an autopsy can only be done with the permission of the Mongolian President and Parliament which isn’t going to happen. Was an autopsy done and who authorized it?

 The Democratic Party of Mongolia Spokesman, Sha. Batbayar has been making strong statements regarding the death on October25 of Dangaasuren. There are many conflicting stories about his death and still the autopsy results have not been released to the Mongolian public. These results in a sealed envelope were apparently given to a female employee of the Ministry of Economics who was in Australia for 1 month and not part of the Australian Public Sector Anti Corruption Conference.

Strong Accusations from the Democratic Party.

Sha. Batbayar directly accuses Dorjpalam the second in command of the IAAC and the Mongolian Police Force of being involved in Dangaasuren’s death at Dorjpalam’s brother’s house in Sydney. Dorjpalam has disappeared from public view and is refusing all requests for interviews. It seems that this matter could be clarified easily but no one is making any statements. Dangaasuren’s body was allegedly found in the bathroom of Dorjpalam’s brother’s house in Sydney. A uniformed Federal Australian Federal Police officer arrived in Ulaanbaatar on November 12; it is unclear if his arrival has anything to do with this case. There are still unanswered questions as to why Dangaasuren’s eyes and other body parts were missing from his body and were they missing before his body arrived at an Australian Hospital as was quoted by the Honory Australian Consul? Dangaasuren was a diabetic, is it possible that this was a factor in his death?  Were his missing eyes and body parts a result of an Australian autopsy?

Challenge of The Millennium.

On October 22 2007 George Bush and President Enkhbayar signed off on the Millennium Challenge Account compact which will give Mongolia $285 million USD.This account is supposed to be spent on alleviating poverty via economic development. $188.3 million will be spent on the railway system, and the creation of the Millennium Challenge Corporation will facilitate the funds. After the published figures for the money there was a shortfall of $31 million USD, is this for the generous salaries and allowances for the MCC?

 President Bush’s speech to the Mongolian parliament on November 21 2005 was full of memorable quotes.” Mongolia has been named a country eligible for assistance under the Millennium Challenge Account, a new program the United States has established to assist countries that govern justly, invest in their people, and promote economic freedom. My administration is committed to working with your country to complete a Millennium Challenge compact as soon as possible and to help the Mongolian people continue on the path of reform.”

Three days after the signing of the MCA compact Dangaasuren was dead under suspicious circumstances.

         Friends In High Places.

 On the day of Dangaasuren’s death this press release.

President Enkhbayar met Henry M.Paulson Jr., U.S. Secretary of Treasury and Elaine L. Chao, U.S. Secretary of Labor. Mr. Enkhbayar offered his thanks to Paulson who is a member of the administrative Council of the Millennium Challenge Account, for his valuable contribution to Mongolia's signing Millennium Challenge Corporation Compact.”

Work To Do.

 President Enkhbayar had to be publicly chastised by the American Embassy on November 2 2007 after falsely giving the impression that Mongolians would soon be able to travel to the USA without a visa. Enkhbayar claimed Mongolia would be included in the visa waiver program…..not true. The criteria to be included on this program are a low refusal rate of less than 3% and a low overstay rate, Mongolia has an appalling record in both areas with a USA overstay rate as high as 70%.The American Embassy in Ulaanbaatar get around 50 visa applications per day and 1-2 receive a visa. This is a very rare example of the President being chastised usually his actions are met with more praise and money by the Americans.

Congratulations Mongolia You Qualify.

 For Mongolia to qualify for the Millennium Challenge grant it had to prove that it had implemented new anti corruption measures along with improvements to health and education. The Millennium Challenge Corporation used President Enkhbayar’s TV9 for its promotional show on December 18th.They presented a show celebrating the 20 years of friendship between Mongolia and America and congratulated Mongolia for implementing new anti corruption measures and now being eligible for the Millennium Challenge Account funds. U.S. Embassy’s Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) Brian Goldbeck emphasized that Mongolia must continue to make progress against corruption in order to remain eligible for MCA funding.

Wholesome Image?

 The Asia Foundation also likes to promote itself and during the summer of 2007 ran some big outdoor concerts. Mongolia’s music scene is full of big fish in a small pond. In reality there is very little money to be made and nearly all of the most famous performers come from wealthy families or have wealthy sponsors, these include Lumino, Ariunna, Bold and Camerton. Ts.Maynganbayar has sponsored many of Mongolia’s musicians including Bold and Camerton, Bold’s 4 piece boy group. Bold has a recording studio and B Production Company courtesy of Maynganbayar and the other guys in Camerton have language schools, cafes, discos and a variety of other businesses. Maynganbayar pays for their film clips which are done by Hero Entertainment and many of his current girlfriends appear in the clips. Maynganbayar was rumored to have HIV according to a newspaper article in Ulaanbaatar and be spreading it rapidly through the artistic and prostitution communities.

Maynganbayar is the owner of the Mongol Gazar Gold Mine; he is a very short guy in his 50’s with big heels on his shoes and two permanent bodyguards He is a notorious playboy and “sponsor” in Mongolia. Mongolian girls use the word sponsor to hide a form of high class prostitution; Maynganbayar has been married 3 or 4 times and has a high turnover rate of aspiring young actresses or singers that he sponsors along with the Goyol fashion show. He is very wealthy and a lot of his sponsored girls end up with an apartment or a car for their services. William Infante said that they plan to use Bold in the promotion of the Asia Foundation because of “his wholesome image “Mongol Gazar Gold Mine Bold’s sponsor was recently named and shamed on local TV as one of the big polluters and destroyers of the Mongolian environment.

Damning Report Ignored.

USAID conducted its own assessment on corruption in Mongolia and its final report in 2005 after Mongolia had already been named as a country eligible for assistance under the Millennium Challenge Account in May 2004 found…

” A profound blurring of the lines between the public and private sector brought about by endemic and systemic conflict of interest (COI) at nearly all levels;

• A lack of transparency and access to information that surrounds many government functions and undermines nearly all aspects of accountability by contributing to an ineffective media and hindering citizen participation in policy discussions and government oversight;

• An inadequate civil service system that gives rise to a highly politicized public administration and the existence of a “spoils system;”

• Limited political will and leadership to actually implement required reforms in accordance with the law, complicated by conflictive and overlapping laws that further inhibit effective policy implementation; and

• Weak government control institutions, including the Central Bank, National Audit Office, Parliamentary standing committees, Prosecutor General, State Professional Inspection Agency, State Property Committee, and departments within the Ministry of Finance.

The aforementioned systemic shortcomings have allowed for an evolution of corruption in Mongolia that “follows the money,” meaning that graft on the most significant scales generally occurs most often in the industries and sectors where there is the most potential for financial gain.

1 Opportunities for increased corruption emerged during the transition toward democracy and market economy and process of reconnecting to the international community. Two areas that offered particular opportunities for grand scale corruption at that time were foreign donor assistance, such as the U.S. Government wheat donation program,2 and privatization of state-owned enterprises. Later, as Mongolia embarked on further policy changes to install capitalistic practices, corruption reared its head in the process of privatizing public land. Now that most of the high-valued land has been doled out and the overall economy is expanding, based in part on extractive industries, emerging areas for corruption include the banking and mining sectors. As in many developing countries, there also are several areas that provide stable and consistent opportunities for corruption, both grand and administrative in nature, such as procurement, customs, the justice sector, among high-level elected and appointed officials, and in the conduct a variety of day-to-day citizen- and business-to-government transactions.”

 Why was Mongolia allowed to access the MCA funds after such a damning report from USAID? The US Government seems determined to waste more US taxpayer dollars with more of their half baked foreign policy. The world has winced enough already with the foreign policy of the Bush administration, that is never let the facts get in the way of implementing more bad foreign policy.

USAID has problems of its own with the former head Randall Tobias losing his job after admitting using prostitutes. Some of the USAID staff in Ulaanbaatar including one senior executive were well known frequenters of strip clubs and users of prostitutes along with their mining industry buddies. According to a Red Cross employee Ivanhoe Mining ran up an account at the Marco Polo strip club and brothel for 90 consecutive days and partied with their NGO buddies.

Creation Of The IAAC.

The IAAC was created in January 2007 and the new IAAC building opening in August along with the recent big push to suddenly improve the power of the IAAC seems to have been done to ensure the payment of the Millennium Challenge funds. This push seemed to coincide with the Asia Foundation’s semiannual corruption surveys which are published in the Mongol Messenger. It now seems that once the Millennium Challenge funds have been signed off the IAAC once again becomes seriously weakened by the suspicious death of Dangaasuren and the deafening silence that followed.

Member of Parliament S.Bayartsogt (Democratic Party) said” The main reason to establish such an office was to monitor police, the intelligence service and prosecutor’s offices because we do not trust them”.

Mongolian Officials were required to lodge an income statement with the IAAC .40, 858 out of 42,096 officials complied with this request including the President.

 “Those who have not complied with the law would be subject to removal from public service under the Anti Corruption Law of Mongolia and the law on public service,” “The accuracy of the statements is another issue. The IAAC will investigate whether the statements are true or not only if we get a formal request to check the statement of a person, or if there is a formal complaint that somebody has submitted an incorrect statement,” said Dangaasuren.

IAAC Beginning To Become Effective.

There was strong motive for stopping the investigations of the IAAC by the many corrupt Politicians and officials in Mongolia. The suspicion is growing against Dorjpalam who Sha. Batbayar accuses of being implicated in previous political murders. Why don’t both governments move to clarify the situation? Was the autopsy done properly? Did the Australian authorities get it wrong? Was Dangaasuren’s death part of an elaborate plot? How long will we have to wait for a proper explanation?

2008 is an election year and the parliament building is for the first time having a high security fence built around it. Since 2005 there have been numerous large protests in Sukhbaatar Square, the most recent involved the corruption of the 11 Co operatives where many Mongolians lost their life savings and the collapse of the Parliament in 2005.

New Neighbors Move In.

Do the US President, World Bank, USAID, Asia Foundation and American Embassy officials really believe that Mongolia qualifies for the Millennium Challenge Account money by its efforts on anti corruption, health and education? Do the USAID and Asia Foundation’s semiannual corruption surveys accurately reflect the true picture of what is going on in Mongolia or is it part of an American plan to shape Mongolia to their agendas as stated in the Third Neighbor Policy?

This policy has a clearly stated aim to build four American Military bases in Mongolia. As President Bush said in a TV interview with the American Christian station Eagle TV on November 8 2005 “We kind of consider ourselves -- and we like the slogan, "the third neighbor" of Mongolia. And so I've chosen to go there because of the spirit of the people, and a leadership that shares our desire to let the -- to have a government of and by and for the people.” Bush actually went there because he was in Beijing for a conference and it was on the way home. William Infante said on Eagle TV that the USA was proud to be Mongolia’s Third Neighbor. Since when did an NGO become the spokesman for the USA and why are his comments so political?

Anti American Target?

Mongolia has now become a target for anti American terrorism. In October 2007 four explosive devices were found two in a hospital and two in a supermarket. They were small and rectangular in shape, two of them had the letters WCS printed on them and the other two had a picture of a clenched fist. Lieutenant Oyunjargal an investigating Police officer said it was a result of Mongolia’s alliance with USA.The US doesn’t trust Mongolia with its large uranium reserves and in 2002 armed special forces built a radar and radiation detection station in the Gobi desert to monitor movements of radioactive material. There is already a huge black market for gold in Mongolia and one Russian has made $70 million dollars from exporting over 4 tonnes of gold illegally.

The Eagle Has landed.

President Bush did an interview with the American Christian channel Eagle TV on November 8 2005 before his visit to Mongolia. Part of the interview concerned the MCA.

“Q. Great to hear it. So during your visit to Mongolia, you will be addressing the nation in a wide televised address. So our nation is experiencing a crisis of corruption.


Q. So you will be speaking to our leaders and our nation about the dangers that corruption poses to our democracy. Can you give us a preview about it?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I'm not going to give you a preview of the speech, because then people may not watch it if they get a preview, see. On the other hand, I will say on your TV screens, there should be no corruption in government, that one of the foundations of any government is the ability for the people to trust the government, itself. And a foundation of democracy, and a foundation of our foreign policy, and a foundation of our Millennium Challenge Account is that there be honest government.

Q. Okay. The next related question is going to be to Millennium Challenge.


Q. So how has the issue of political corruption affected Mongolia's status for the Millennium Challenge Account?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, we intend to move forward on the Millennium Challenge Account with Mongolia. Mongolia is a friend. On the other hand, we will insist that as a condition of the Millennium Challenge checks being written that there be honest government, that there be investment in health and education of the people, that there be a dedication to rule of law and to the marketplace.”

New Weed.

 In November 2007 Mongolia appointed a new Prime Minister S. Bayar. He called to root out corruption and cut off the leaves of the weed. Unfortunately for him he has been named in the misappropriation of $50 million USD as part of a $250 million USD repayment to Russia.S.Bayar was a former employee of the Mongolian Embassy in Russia and is also a partner in Sansar cable TV and ISP provider.

 He was named in an article called the 31 corrupters of the MPRP.He is currently taking legal action in an attempt to clear his name. The obvious question is why was he appointed Prime Minister if he had been named in this scandal

        Corruption On The Decline?

The IAAC only prosecuted 8 cases successfully since its creation and the anti corruption surveys published by the Asia Foundation in the Mongol Messenger are mostly based on 2,277 phone calls over 12 months to call centre’s created by the Asia Foundation and the Academy for Political Education regarding schools, hospitals and police. Is this really enough information to say that ‘The patterns over the past two years are favorable, with progressive though modest improvement in key areas “as quoted by the Asia Foundation? Can the Mongolian Government be trusted with $285 million dollars; past experience says an emphatic no! How effective will the Millennium Challenge Corporation be in facilitating this money? They are already using President Enkhbayar’s TV9 station for their promotional programs, how much of this money gets consumed by their executives? $31 million?

Mongolia’s Misery.

 This comment from an  article titled “Mongolia’s Misery”.”Many of the NGO workers apply for positions in problem countries like Mongolia because of the high salaries offered. Few of these workers venture outside their offices without the comfort and security of their Land Cruiser and driver. Some are said to be fuelling the problems that they have been sent there to prevent, with claims they are using sex workers and frequenting strip clubs when they are supposed to be fighting Aids.”

There is still an elephant in the room when it comes to the personal corruption and business connections of Mongolia’s 76 members of parliament. Baabar the famous Historian and founder of the Democratic Party has written many books on Mongolia’s corruption. He says most politician’s corruption is around 1-3 million dollars but President Enkhbayar is now approaching $100 million dollars that he has embezzled from the Mongolian people.

Reduced Sentence For Personal Use?

 Mongolia’s leaders and officials have been participating in conferences around the world now for 16 years since their new found “Democracy”. They know the rules and the behavior that is expected of them but they continue to blatantly disregard conditions demanded of them. Shatarbal a Mongolian diplomat was recently arrested in Europe after carrying 23 million dollars of drugs through a diplomatic channel. He was returned to Mongolia to serve a 10 year prison sentence; he will pay his way out of jail as most prisoners with money can do in Mongolia.

The US District Court in New York February 2008 made Mongolia pay around 4 million USD in rates for abusing the use of their UN premises. If these premises are used for non diplomatic use they are subject to rates and taxes like any other business.

 The average wage for a Political Advisor is $200 USD per month yet many of these people live lavish life styles with huge assets. Summer houses have distinct areas on the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar where different Ministries have their own valleys with the Ministers Summer house the biggest rising like a stalagmite of corruption.

       The New Rules.

These are the new rules as quoted from the Strengthening World Bank Group, Engagement on Governance and Anti Corruption conference that was held in Mongolia during December 2006 and January 2007 and included the Asia Foundation as one of its donors.

“According to the amendment, below are the criminal offences that the IAAC now has jurisdiction to investigate (articles referenced):
263            Abuse of power or position by an official of the State
264            Exceeding, by an official of the State, his/her power
265            Abuse of power or position by an official of an NGO or business entity
266            Exceeding, by an official of an NGO or business entity, his/her power
268.1         Receiving bribes
269            Offering bribes
270.2         Intermediation in bribery
273.2         Expenditure of [public] budget for undesignated purposes.”

I Married her For Her Money.
An Ex pat blogger “Ulaanbanjo’ comments on an article written in the UB Post after Mongolia’s politicians declared their incomes. Have the Americans read and digested this article? These are the figures that were submitted to the IAAC.According to the new rules of the IAAC most of Mongolia’s parliament should be in jail.

 In January 2007 the Parliament passed a law banning women from becoming Members of Parliament. The small number of female MP’s are outraged at this draconian move. The influx of women such as Oyun the sister of Zorig the assassinated MP to the Parliament has been a breath of fresh air into the cess pit of Mongolian politics. Is this the democracy that George Bush recently praised, a parliament devoid of women by law!

 Surprisingly the MP’s wives seem to be very good managers and well suited to political office according to the latest income statements.

“The returned figures show how progressive Mongolia's MPs are in promoting women's rights, against a culture which generally puts women in second place: the majority of MPs earn less than their wives. Considerably less in many cases. Prime Minister Enkhbold earned a very modest 3.2 million Tugrik - around $3,000 - last year, while the Prime Minister's wife brought home Tg24.2 million. L. Gundalai MP, chairman of the Popular Party, registered his earnings at Tg3 million , Mrs. L. Gundalai is doing a bit better with Tg74 million, although even her paycheck doesn't seem to account for how the minister acquired his Toyota Land cruiser, Mercedes Benz, six motor boats, three horses and Tg500 million of shares in the SOS Medica Hospital. I guess, contrary to the general economic trend in the country, 2006/7 was a lean year for MPs. B. Erdenbat has the pretty thankless task of Minister of Fuel and Energy, earning him a paltry Tg3.2 million. His immediate family managed to improve on this with Tg66.3 million. And I guess if times get hard he can always fall back on his Tg17.2 billion worth of shares in Erel bank, Erel Insurance and assorted companies or sell one of his two Mercedes Benz 500s, or his Lexus 470 jeep, two Land Cruiser 100L jeeps or maybe one of his pair of Hummers.

Well, the list goes on (Supreme Court judge A. Batsaikhan has 20 pigs) and can be seen on the
UB Post's website. It's interesting reading, and clearly shows that the law against MPs owning businesses is not achieving much”.

Please Stop Giving Aid.

Mongolia should not receive one more cent in aid until serious anti corruption measures have been taken and the Cargo Cult culture has been broken. The connection to private businesses directly related to the portfolios of politicians is illegal. These people don’t care about the Mongolian people, only themselves and have become blinded by greed. They know that the Police won’t touch them and the only power that NGO’s and aid organizations have is their money which they throw away far too easily pretending that Mongolia has met requirements when they clearly haven’t.

UN Human Rights Abuses….Alas Poor Zorig.

There have been numerous serious Human rights violations in Mongolia some have resulted in UN reports. The murder of Zorig in 1999 resulted in a particularly appalling incident even by Mongolian standards. The United Nations Commission on Human Rights sent an investigator to Mongolia during 6-9th June 2005 to investigate the following events.


Sixty-second session

Item 11 (a) of the provisional agenda


Report by the Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, Manfred Nowak


By letters dated 20 July and 2 August 2005, the Special Rapporteur notified the Government of allegations by the following persons, whom he interviewed during the mission.

The Government responded to some by letter dated 22 September 2005: Enkhbat Damiran aged 44 (subject of a previously transmitted communication for which no response has been received; see E/CN.4/2004/56/Add.1, para. 1021). On about 15 May 2003, Enkhbat Damiran, who was seeking asylum in France at the time, was beaten by officers of the General Intelligence Agency (GIA) of Mongolia outside a restaurant in Paris, smuggled across the French border in a Mongolian embassy vehicle to Brussels, and then to the Mongolian embassy in Berlin. He was held at the embassy for one night and was tortured by Mongolian agents before he was drugged and boarded in a wheelchair onto a Mongolian MIAT flight to Ulaanbaatar on 18 May. His entry into Ulaanbaatar was not registered by the border police and he was taken to a secret location outside the capital. He was tortured, unsuccessfully, to confess to the murder of the well-known politician Zorig Sanjasuuren, a former Minister of Infrastructure and a recognized champion of the democracy movement. On 24 May he was registered as a GIA informant and his entry into Mongolia was subsequently registered by the police as 25 May. During his torture, Enkhbat Damiran was, among other things, forced to sit on a stool for hours, beaten on the liver with a pistol, and was subjected to mock executions.”

“Enkhbat Damiran should be fully supported by the Government. It is of the utmost importance that the whole truth about this highly delicate case is revealed to the public and the European countries concerned. It is also necessary that the perpetrators of all human rights violations in this case be brought to justice.”

Personal Experience.

My personal experience of coming to Mongolia for 6 years is that the endemic corruption is becoming much worse especially with the effects of rising inflation and the resources boom as this quote from the Montsame news Agency in Ulaanbaatar shows.

”According to National Statistical Office of Mongolia, as of the September of 2007 consumer price index increased by 18.9 percent compared with December of 2005, by 13.2 percent against the corresponding period of previous year, and by 12.2 percent against the first half of this year. Basic inflation increased by 2.9 percent against the previous month, by 9.3 percent compared with the beginning of 2007, by 11.3 percent against the same period of this year, accounted on deducting 29 kinds of goods such as meat, milk and vegetables from basket of goods.”

 To follow any kind of application process involves bribery with money or gifts to supplement the Official’s meager income .If there are security cameras you are requested to hide your gifts in a bag. If any of these officials are caught they are just replaced with others who do the same thing to give the impression that something has been done. If you talk to the majority of Ulaanbaatar’s people who live in the Ger Horoolol’s they know their President is a thief and they never see benefits of all this money that Foreigners keep throwing at Mongolia. Many people preferred life under the Russians when they had some basic social security. One Taxi driver said he would love to shoot the President if someone would look after his children.l think Mongolians would respond if they knew they had a good Police Force and proper witness protection for whistleblowers. Unfortunately they don’t have either and the culture of extreme violence prevails.

The Asia Foundation Reaction.

The reaction of the Asia Foundation when l sent a draft copy of my first story regarding Dangaasuren for comment was not to  reply and to immediately ring an Australian former employee of Rio Tinto in Mongolia. They are apparently very sensitive to any criticism and wanted to know who is writing about them.l also forwarded a draft to the investigations department of the World Bank, and to the website of the Australian Public Sector Anti Corruption Conference. All organizations have not replied.

 My colleague and l did a filmed interview with the Asia Foundation Director William Infante at his office earlier in the year. Perhaps he was too busy with his clichés and agenda to notice us? His recent TV appearances quoting the Asia Foundation’s poorly based surveys have been quite disturbing. Coupled with the Millennium Challenge Corporations propaganda show on President Enkhbayar’s TV9 they represented a carefully planned attempt to give the impression that regarding corruption ,  “The patterns over the past two years are favorable, with progressive though modest improvement in key areas “as quoted by Asia Foundation Director William Foerderer Infante  in the Mongol Messenger on Wednesday November 28 2007.

Christmas Presents.

On Christmas Eve Dorjpalam came out of hiding and held a press conference on President Enkhbayar’s TV9 and said he was leaving the IAAC because it’s full of corruption. He also claimed that he was a good police officer. He joins two others from the original delegation of 7 to leave the IAAC quickly after the death of Dangaasuren. The campaign to discredit the IAAC is in full swing and it will soon be back to business as usual as Mongolia’s politicians work out what to do with all the money that the Millennium Challenge account will give them. The roads of Ulaanbaatar will soon be choked with more Hummers as the politicians and officials start placing their orders. They will join the Buses and garbage trucks that were a gift from the people of Japan and drive on the roads that the Government of Qatar just gave Enkhbayar $10 million USD to fix. Let’s wait and see if one dollar of that money ever makes it to the pot holes of Ulaanbaatar.

Likely Replacements.

Ch. Sumiyabazar the Editor of the UB Post and author of President Enkhbayar’s income statement wrote on Thursday 13th December 2007. “Local media outlets predict former chief officer of the National Human Right Committee, S.Tserendorj, is the most likely candidate to be appointed as Chief Commissioner of the anti-corruption agency. The second likely person is B.Tserenbaltav, a General Prosecutor of Mongolia. The position is expected to be filled before Christmas”.

 On December 27 President Enkhbayar recommended Colonel Ch.Sangarachaa for the position of IAAC Head and the Parliament approved him on January 3 for the 1 million Tg. per annum job. He is a native of Zavkhan Aimag and is a veteran of 37 years in the Police Force. He was also a well known rival to Dangaasuren and former head of the General Intelligence Agency.

 Dangaasuren’s deputy Dorjpalam is one of Mongolia’s senior Police officers and travelled to Australia with Dangaasuren. He is second in command of the Mongolian Police Force which is headed by General B.Tserenbaltav a former member of the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party and great friend of President Enkhbayar. Tserenbaltav is also Deputy Prosecutor of Mongolia.

B. Tserenbaltav came to Australia in 2006 to attend a similar conference. His daughter Ts. Tuvshinzaya is a Professor of international Law at the Mongolian National University. She runs a false visa documents business that works in conjunction with Khos Bagana a notorious introduction agency run by 12 of Mongolia’s leading business women. They operate in 15 countries including Australia and run sex tours for Japanese and Koreans who are sent to Mongolia by the brother of Nara one of the 12 directors. He lives in Korea and runs the office there. Tserenbaltav stamps these false documents after his daughter has charged the victims $250 USD.

Tserenbaltav was awarded the Diploma of Honor of the State Rehabilitation Commission D.Lundeejantsan, Vice Parliament Speaker and Head of the State Rehabilitation Commission, handed over awards to a number of persons who make great effort to the rehabilitation of the political victims, to restoration of their prestige, and to providing them and their close relatives with social care services.

Tserenbaltav has travelled extensively to many conferences including the 1041st meeting of the UN Convention on the rights of the child in Geneva. On Thursday 26 May 2005 Mr. Tserenbaltav (Mongolia) said that “Mongolia was implementing a national anti-corruption program. The Government was currently considering draft anti-corruption legislation that provided for a unified system to combat corruption, new investigation methods and civil participation in uncovering corruption”.

The leaders of Mongolia think that the rules don’t apply to them and because they control the weak and corrupt Police and Military they won’t be arrested. Those who are investigated are the small fish on the fringe or political foes. The Americans have no power other than their money and as much as they tried to make the dog sit before they gave it a biscuit, it leapt up and bit the hand that fed it.

Where Are The Men Of Honor?

Chinggis Khan was a man from humble and hard origins who promoted men based on their loyalty and talent and not their rank or birth. He had a strict code of behavior known as the Great Yasa, if you broke it you died. The once banned Chinggis is now worshiped in a new state of hyper nationalism and 80% of Mongolia’s 35 ethnic groups chose the name Borgigin to claim that they were direct male descendants of Chinggis which in an estimated 40% of cases isn’t true. If Chinggis Khan was alive today he would deal with the current Mongolian parliament very effectively and appoint loyal and honest replacements. These men are nothing like the man they idolize and are a disgrace to the Mongolian people.

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